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We Love Writing Christian Blogs and Articles!

If you’re a minister or you run a Christian business, you know blogging and writing articles is the best way to both develop a loyal following, and engage with your followers.

Maybe you have been invited to guest-blog on a popular Christian site yet your gift is not writing, and you don’t have time to learn “on the fly.”

And blogging and writing articles is a crucial strategy to building the platform to gain exposure for your book.

The problem is, you’re spending too much time trying to creatively polish the writing.

This is why Uberwriters was founded—to remove the creative pressure from your shoulders, freeing you to do what you do best.

Our experienced Christian blog and article writers will take your idea, notes, and input, and develop powerful and engaging content on any Christian topic.

To be clear, the content is yours, and the written voice will be yours, but we will write it in a way that is engaging, compelling, and professional. We also know what formats work for various platforms like blogs, social media, theology publications, and more. We are also experienced researchers, able to provide scriptural and academic context when necessary.

The Christian articles we write will be per your specific outline or we’d be happy to give suggestions, scripture references, and more, based on your core idea. From our research, we will provide citations and theological or academic research in support of your article or blog, if necessary.
We will emulate your written and/or spoken voice and can use a tone of your choosing, be that academic, informative, humorous, convincing, laid-back, or even have a marketing-centric approach.

Just provide us with the topic, message, and goals for your content, and our Christian freelance writers will do the heavy lifting of research to develop a powerful article people will share and talk about for ages.

Grammar, Syntax and Formatting

The Christian blogs and articles we write will never have spelling and grammatical errors, and will never contain any plagiarized material. Although we typically use a Chicago-Turabian stylesheet, we can use any stylesheet, submission guideline, or format.

Disclaimer: We do not write college papers such as dissertations, theses etc. We do, however, proof and edit academic research papers presented for peer review and similar material.

Our Strengths Include:

  • Christian magazine articles
  • Christian ministry and lifestyle blogs
  • Theology articles and papers
  • Christian SEO blogs and articles
  • Christian business blogs

Did you know we offer social media services? We can set up and post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more on your behalf. Or we can train you.

This builds your platform, and extends your reach.

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Christian Ministry Blog Writers

If you run a Christian ministry, you want as many people as possible to hear the message of Christ. Our freelance blog writers will take the essence of your message and craft it to perfection, in a highly engaging and compelling way. We will write each blog to drive the reader to a specific action, whether it is to teach, inform, draw them into a service, and more. We are experts in communicating well, in a variety of tones and styles.

Christian Business Blogs

If you run a Christian business, you want to send a clear beacon to others who share your beliefs. Your business can also be a way to discretely share your faith, and be a light to the world. As I’m sure you know, it is crucial for your Christian business to maintain a current and effective presence on the web. Besides being a ministry tool, blogs and web content are a means for like-minded customers and clients to find your business. This is where the synergy of our SEO services come into effect.

Christian SEO Writing

Brad worked in Information Technology both “in the trenches” and at a leadership level for many years. We know what works and we draw on this experience and knowledge to write powerfully effective search-engine-optimized writing for your website, be it a blog, article, or static page content. Your message for Christ does little good to those who can’t find it. We can help. We not only research your market, but will tailor your website content, blogs, and articles to contain the specific keywords your audience will search for, and use it effectively in our writing. The results will speak for themselves.

Christian Article Research Services

Research burns time like little else. You’re busy and we happen to love research, so let us help!

We meticulously research a topic and provide sources and scripture, to develop and bolster your blog or article. Even if you are an expert in the field relative to the topic of your blog or article, we can remove the burden of time-consuming research, presenting conclusive developments based on our deep research. From that research, we then create expertly written content.

Call us to discuss your Christian blog or article needs. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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Eleven Benefits of Hiring an Exclusively Christian Ghostwriter

  1. Kingdom Focused
    An exclusively Christian ghostwriter puts the kingdom of God first in all they do. We see our writing as a gift to be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  2. Deep Scriptural Knowledge
    We have deep knowledge of scripture, and can make appropriate suggestions that would strengthen your book, blog or article. We can also guide you in cross-references, and potentially bring out richer and deeper truths in your message.
  3. Experts in the Christian Book Market
    We know the Christian market, and know how to guide you in genre, target audience, choosing a publisher, a bestseller path for promotion, and much more.
  4. We Quickly Grasp Advanced Spiritual Concepts
    The time you spend trying to explain your vision and deeper message to a secular writer will be time wasted. We get it right away.
  5. Bible Translation Expertise
    We know which Bible translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture. The Word is rich, and we can help bring out that richness.
  6. We Simplify Complex Spiritual Concepts
    It takes years of practice to explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them. We're highly skilled at this.
  7. We Can Write Academically / Theologically
    We can also write for a highly academic, theological audience. When necessary, we are well-versed in writing for a more theologically adept audience.
  8. Effective Christian Writing Methods
    We know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact, making scripture come alive with advanced writing techniques, and more.
  9. We Convert Sermon Series to Books
    We can convert your powerful sermon series into powerful books, making sure they are translated in the most moving way for the written page.
  10. We Know the Christian Market.
    We know which publishers and agents specialize in various genres, which Christian BISAC categories to target your book towards, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and how to build your Christian platform.
  11. You Know Who Is Writing Your Book
    Lastly, we operate with integrity and we are not a referral agency. This means, you know who your ghostwriter is, and your book is not farmed out to the lowest bidder (which almost certainly means they write secular material too.) This matters because you want a Godly writer who is focused on serving the Lord exclusively.

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