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Überwriters can help! With our extensive writing experience, we’ll work with you to perfect your idea, notes or manuscript and get it ready for publishing! We remove the creative burden with our tried and true writing expertise. We also ensure your manuscript targets the optimal audience, for the highest chance of being picked up by a major publisher! Many of our client's manuscripts have been published!

What Is Ghostwriting?
A ghost writer is simply a “publicly silent” professional writer who works with an author to develop his/her manuscript. Your name is the only one that ever appears on your published book and you retain all rights, royalties and credit! Most biographies, inspirational works and even novels are written with the help of a ghost writer. Many Christians have fantastic ideas, which are fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, but they need a little help when it comes to structuring their thoughts into an engaging, readable book. That’s where we can help.

We work beside you to refine your idea, structure it professionally and ensure your book has the highest chance of reaching the bestseller’s list. Writing is a developed art and while your idea may change the world, people will never read it if it isn’t presented effectively. We know how to develop and “polish” your idea to a point that readers can’t put your book down.


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