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Is that an "S" on the end?

 Ok, so why the plural - Uberwriters with an "S"?  We are a team of three brothers with diverse experience, but a common passion for ministry and ghostwriting. Read each bio to discover a level of professionalism, business knowledge and ministry expertise that you can draw on to propel your ministry forward at an amazing rate.

Many of our authors have been published, and several of these manuscripts have been picked up by the leading Christian publishers. Due to the confidentiality agreement we sign, we can't disclose author's identities, but we can tell you that we have written books with authors that include the leader of a financial ministry with over 20,000 radio listeners a day, the CEO of one of the world's largest international mission agencies, a highly published woman's teaching author who came to us to help her with her next book, and more.

We love studying new ways to touch and affect the modern Church and of course, reach the unsaved with the Good News. Romans 8:14 says "Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God". We rely on Him for every project and that means we will be totally aligned with your vision. You will see the Holy Spirit's intended results for every project! This creates a spiritual insight that goes far beyond some formula for your ministry's creative needs. 

We love what we do and see it as a gift from God. Weíre highly motivated and when you succeed, we succeed! It is that simple but profound philosophy of servanthood that makes all the difference.


Brad is the editor-in-chief, senior ghostwriter and project manager of Uberwriters. He structures, oversees, revises and writes the publisher/agent's proposal for every project to ensure consistent style and quality. Brad has been ghostwriting, editing and publishing his dadís ministry communications since 1995. The desire to do more for the kingdom of God with his writing, was largely the motivation to start Uberwriters in 2008.

Peter Rahme Ministries has since gained worldwide exposure with Reverend Peter taking the gospel to over 40 American states, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. Through the Lordís empowerment, direct mailings, powerful brochures, email campaigns, bi-weekly devotionals, viral marketing and an effective web site have resulted in surging the ministry forward.

Brad studied Information Systems and Business Management at the University of Louisville. Before founding Uberwriters, he worked in the IT industry, specifically in the medical and banking sectors, and led the IT department for a 25,000 member mega-church for several years.


Grant holds a bachelorís degree in English and Journalism from the prestigious Rhodes University in South Africa. While highly creative writing with a Christian fantasy element is Grant's core strength, he is also the eagle-eye of the group, meticulously ensuring no grammatical or spelling errors make it to your first draft.

Grant writes stirring devotionals for Peter Rahme Ministries as well, usually focusing on the character of Jesus as it relates to our daily faith walk. In addition, Grant has a strong calling for social justice, approaching topics from insightful, thought-provoking angles. Grant is also currently ghostwriting a book with Reverend Peter.

Grant also runs his own ghostwriting company called Ghostwriter Grant, although Uberwriters and Ghostwriter Grant collaborate on most projects.

Grant has also worked in the film industry for years as a successful (lead) unit / locations manager and location scout. He draws on his exciting life experiences to add flavor and energy to his work as a Christian ghost writer.

Hilton has been writing creatively since youth and writes powerful devotionals about the attributes of God and His person, prompting much praise from PRMís subscribers. Hilton is currently assisting Bro. Peter as a ghost writer, compiling and editing a book on soulwinning.

Hilton recently completed his third year of Bible school, and is currently planning to enter the full time ministry. Hilton has decades of entrepreneurial and management experience and highly values excellence in ministry communications. He's been a successful leader in the construction and distribution sectors for many years and always brings a fresh, practical perspective to his role as a Christian ghost writer. Hilton also has a very unique and profound talent for Godly children's books. 


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