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Never Give Up On Your Book!
 I have great news! First, there is no condemnation to those who walk in Christ and second, if you partner with me you WILL have your book written in a matter of months (maybe less) in a way that guarantees the best chance of publishing success!

My name is Brad Rahme and I am Uberwriter’s founder and one of it's ghostwriters. I am an exclusively Christian ghostwriter who relies on the Holy Spirit for all inspiration and guidance. As a ghost (silent writer) I will work with you to reach a flat fee for your project while you legally retain all royalties and publishing rights to your work.

What Is Ghostwriting?
Ghostwriting is the art of retaining the author’s voice, while infusing tried and true techniques into a manuscript to make a book clear, readable and highly engaging. Ghostwriting is when a publicly silent, professional writer works with an author to refine and develop an idea, and to present it in a way that keeps readers turning the page. Writing is a developed art, and while your idea may change the world, they’ll never get to read it if it isn’t presented in the right way.

The Ultimate Goal
Your ultimate goal is to publish your book and reach as many people as possible with your message. A publisher looks for specific things when reviewing a manuscript. For example, if your letter of introduction isn’t powerful, concise and doesn't effectively outline your main theme, there is a good chance the editor won’t read your first chapter. Publishing houses have huge piles of manuscripts called "slush piles" to read that usually get skimmed over by interns. If redundant dialog or unsupported ideas are found in the first chapter, there is a good chance you won’t be publishing your book any time soon.

Our Process
Before you send me your writing, notes, manuscript or discuss the details of your idea, I will send you a non-disclosure agreement through which I am legally bound to protect the confidentiality of your writing. You have my guarantee that I am completely ethical and above reproach in all my ghostwriting. I would never “steal” an idea as I walk in integrity and the Lord couldn’t bless me if I did that anyway. In addition, I work with my two brothers who are also Christian ghost writers to ensure that I am correctly conveying your message and voice.

  1. As Christian ghost writers we will make sure your book reflects your heart
  2. As Christian ghost writers we will ensure your book brings out your intended voice and message
  3. As Christian ghost writers our job is to ensure your book will be eagerly read by the widest range of readers
  4. As Christian ghost writers we will write your manuscript so that we allow the Lord to guide us in producing the utmost clarity

Together we will craft your book into the masterpiece you know it is. And you'll change countless lives. I can even ghost write newsletter or magazine articles and devotionals!

Don’t delay any longer – the world needs your book! Make your heart’s desire a reality and call me today!


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