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This is the typical ghostwriting process we use for most of our clients


Getting started…

  1. I sign a non-disclosure agreement so you feel completely safe sharing your idea
  2. I send you a short survey that gives me an idea of your main message, underlying themes, target audience and other details
  3. We discuss your book idea in detail and decide on a good word-count number
  4. We discuss what (if any) manuscripts, notes and/or audio you have already have to work from
  5. We discuss a timeline, budget and payment structure
  6. When we have a good idea of our goals, I write up a proposal that includes pricing, timeline and payment schedule


Down to brass tacks…

  1. When our agreement is signed and the deposit clears, we begin working on your book
  2. If we have some notes, I work from them and communicate via email with any questions I have. If we are working from an idea alone, we conduct a series of in-person meetings or teleconferences to clarify the details of the book and the intended outcome. (Please note that if there is no manuscript or  minimal notes, the client has significant responsibility to work with us to provide material to ensure we can most accurately communicate their idea.)
  3. I begin writing and provide updates at least every two weeks, if not more frequently. We discuss and make revisions accordingly (progress is highly dependent on your responsiveness at this point)
  4. We repeat this process until we have a good draft
  5. Once we have a solid draft, we make any final touches to make it a complete work
  6. If we’re submitting to a publishing house, I include a proposal letter free of charge, expertly written


That's it! Simple and straightforward...

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