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Be Wise!
Every ministry should be wise in their approach to communicating. If your message can impact more people using a modern, efficient method of delivery, you should take advantage of it. (I once heard a preacher call that ďanointed common senseĒ)

Whatís the best way to consistently stay in front of people?


Email Campaigns are the best thing since high-speed access!  
We will create an effective email campaign that will reach the heart of your audience. Whether it is a call to the lost, a weekly teaching your subscribers need, or a donation request - Uberwriters will hit the bullís eye! I canít stress how powerful this is to dramatically increase your ministry's response!

Donít think SPAM Ė an Email Campaign is an amazing way to:

  1. Greatly increase response to your ministryís events
  2. Recruit a much higher number of volunteers
  3. Reach existing members
  4. Win new members
  5. Dramatically increase financial support

Call us today for a quote. We can even recommend a fantastic, affordable e-mailing service.

Social Media and Viral Marketing!
Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr have changed the game! These web communities are astounding at spreading the gospel and networking!

First, we'll get you started with an effective ministry profile. Then we'll help you stay fresh and relevant in these communities with weekly articles, teachings and more. Your ministry will gain a loyal following and high exposure to thousands of searching web surfers.

Donít be left behind! There is a world of untapped opportunity in Social Media and Search Engine Optimization.
Call today to get on the fast-track!


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