What is a Christian Ghostwriter?

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I have great news! First, there is no condemnation to those who walk in Christ, and second, if you partner with Uberwriters you will have your book written in a matter of months, in a way that guarantees the best chance of publishing success!

My name is Brad Rahme and I am Uberwriters’ founder and senior writer. I am an exclusively Christian ghostwriter who relies on the Holy Spirit for all inspiration and guidance. As a writing collaborator I will work with you to reach a flat fee for your project, while you legally retain all royalties and publishing rights to your work.

What Is Ghostwriting?
Although we consider ourselves writing collaborators, the traditional term of "ghostwriting" refers to the art of retaining the author’s voice, while infusing tried and true techniques into a manuscript to make a book clear, readable, and highly engaging. Ghostwriting is when a professional writer works with an author to refine and develop an idea, and to present it in a way that keeps readers turning the page.

Exclusively Christian ghostwriting is when a professional, talented writer is completely submitted to the Lord, and only works on Christian material. Writing is a developed art, and while your message from the Lord may change the world, they’ll never get to read it if it isn’t presented in the right way.

"While your message from the Lord may change the world, they’ll never get to read it if it isn’t presented in the right way."

The Ultimate Goal
Your ultimate goal is to publish your book and reach as many people as possible with your message. A publisher looks for specific things when reviewing a manuscript. For example, if your letter of introduction isn’t powerful, concise, and doesn't effectively outline your main theme, there is a good chance the editor won’t read your first chapter. Publishing houses have huge piles of manuscripts to read called “slush piles” that usually get skimmed over by interns. If redundant dialog or unsupported ideas are found in the first chapter, there is a good chance you won’t be publishing your book any time soon.

Why You Need a CHRISTIAN Ghostwriter
I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Hire people smarter than yourself?” Well, what I think that term really means is “Hire specialists for each specific job.” Spiritual books are a little different though; you need more than just a technical specialist. You need a scripturally knowledgeable believer in Jesus Christ, who walks the walk.

If you need any Christian writing done, I guarantee Uberwriters is the best Christian writing company for the job. Why?
Because first and foremost, we’re devoted Christ-followers who see writing as a ministry. We’ve been raised in our dad’s ministry, and we all serve the Lord in various ways.

Second, we are writing experts. Plain and simple. We are specialists at writing Christian books of all kinds, and we know the Christian publishing industry. If it’s Christian writing, editing, or proofreading of any kind, we will do it with excellence. We have decades of experience between our writers, and we collaborate extremely effectively.

"The foundation of our success is secured in the leadership and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Everything we write is also in submission to our Father in Heaven, through our Lord Jesus Christ, and through the leading of the Holy Spirit."


Writing Architects

I often tell potential clients, I compare Uberwriters to an architecture firm. You may have a pretty good idea of what you want your dream house to look like. You may even be able to draw up some plans with good software, but you would be unwise to try to build the house yourself without consulting an experienced architect, or at the very least a veteran builder.

The same is true with writing and editing. Especially Christian ghostwriting and editing.

If you need an architect to design your house’s structure, load-bearing walls, efficient pathways, plumbing etc., you need a ghostwriter to help you design a gripping intro, rising-tension middle (increasing conflict,) and a powerfully rewarding conclusion. We do exactly this and much more with advanced knowledge and writing techniques. Just a few examples three-act plot development (even non-fiction can benefit from this at times,) scene creation, assessing primary purpose, themes and messages, point-of-view, and dramatic tension-building. We also understand the power of memorably fulfilling an implicit promise at the book’s conclusion.

If much of that sounds like original Hebrew or Greek to you, you need Uberwriters' writing services!

Novice writers or referral firms (who subcontract your book out to the lowest bidder) may charge outlandishly low fees, but I promise they will not bring this level of experience to the table. Our fees are still ridiculously low but you get the quality of a premium service. This cut in fees is our gift to our Savior’s Church.
We offer a wide range of Christian writing services listed here.

Devoted Christian Writers
Far more important than all that technical stuff, though… you need a truly Christian writer. Someone who is a sold-out believer in and lover of our Lord Jesus Christ, His almighty Father, and someone who is led, guided, and governed by God’s precious Holy Spirit. In short, someone who is anointed to write.

Sure, there are people who may sincerely be Christians, but if they don’t write exclusively Christian material, your chapter could be worked on right after they’ve worked on something weird, like a horror or a murder mystery. Because we are exclusively Christian ghostwriters, we trust God for enough business to never have to write anything that grieves our spirit. We’d rather see our writing as a ministry and serve the Lord with it, even if it means writing for a smaller market.

That’s good news for you!

Uberwriters offers a wide range of Christian writing and publishing services which include ghostwriting, sermon series to books, self-publishing services, bestseller positioning strategy, substantive editing, proofreading and more. 

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Devoted, Talented, Experienced, Christian Writers and Editors

Uberwriters is a team of three brothers who have been raised in ministry, and all serve the Lord in various capacities. We walk the walk and it shows in our clients’ work. Plus, we have a deep scriptural foundation and may have some good ideas to strengthen your Christian manuscript.

Our work is of premium quality and it speaks for itself. Plus, we price far lower than our secular counterparts when considering equal service, quality, and excellence.

That’s the gist of it. An exclusively Christian writer should be writing your Christian book.

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We offer a wide range of services, including Christian novels, Christian autobiographies / memoirs / testimonies, Christian Children’s books, Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction, Christian self-help (through Christ’s help,) Christian screenplay writing (script writing,) Theology and eschatology writing, Christian motivational writing, Christian business writing, Christian finance writing, Christian sport and adventure writing (this is a growing market,) and much more!

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