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Are We Truly the Best Christian Ghostwriters?

That's a bold statement, isn't it? Yet I say this humbly, but confidently without an ounce of pride or boasting... I believe we are.

At Uberwriters we strive for excellence in ministry, and excellence in writing. Our heart for God, and our dedication to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to serve our clients in unparalleled excellence.

We strive daily to write the best books and communications possible.

Christian Writing Specialty

Besides our God-given talent and writing skill, all three of us brothers have been raised under our dad’s ministry, and are currently pursuing own various forms of ministry as volunteers.

This means we are highly knowledgeable of scripture and theology, so you won’t have to explain advanced spiritual concepts—we’ll likely know what you mean, or we’ll catch on quickly.

We believe we are the best Christian writers for your project, because we:

  • Know scripture in depth
  • Understand advanced spiritual concepts
  • Are exclusively Christian writers and editors
  • Know which translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture
  • Explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them, OR write for a highly academic, theological audience. We’ve worked on both extensively.
  • Know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) and how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact.
  • We can transpose your sermon series to books, making sure they are translated powerfully for the written page.
  • We know the Christian market. We know the Christian BISAC categories, we know genres, we know which publishers are more likely to accept specific genres, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and positioning you for a bestseller!
  • And much, much more.

Uberwriters have been in business since 2009! In these many years we have been privileged to write books for Christian celebrities, widely published authors, renowned ministers and many more. 

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God Has Called You to Write a Book

I understand the stress and guilt of knowing God has given you a message for the world, but getting frustrated as you try to put it down on the page. I’ve been there, and this is one of the reasons I started Uberwriters—so we can help get the gospel out to the world in the most compelling, and creative way! Why should the world have all the good writers?

Your book may be your life’s testimony, a sermon series, a Christian self-help or motivational book, a prophetic book, or even Christian fiction. Regardless, of the genre or type of book, if it’s a Christian book we have experience in writing it, and we believe you need an exclusively Christian book writer to assist you.
“You could have your book written, and in your hands in a matter of months!”

Your message IS powerful and God has called us all to share our story. Through God’s precious Son, Jesus, He saved you and blessed you in abundance because He loves you! Someone shared their faith with you, and someone taught you the deeper things of God. In the same way, you can tell others of His love and salvation through Jesus Christ, and teach deeper revelations from the Holy Spirit with others using your book!

Hire the Best Christian Ghostwriter

We want to WOW you with our services. We’d love to review your material, whatever the genre: autobiography, sermon series to books, deep theology, Christian fiction and more, and give you feedback on how we can help.

Contact us today to begin the adventure of putting your manuscript in the best possible hands.