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Christian Writing Services

What will an exclusively Christian ghostwriter bring to the table, that a secular ghostwriter cannot?

I’m not sure the term “ghostwriter” most accurately describes what we do, because we consider ourselves writing collaborators more than anything else. We bring the writing expertise and related scriptural knowledge in submission to your vision for the message God gave you to write. Although we will likely have many suggestions and insights into architecting, strengthening, refining, and perfecting your manuscript, our detailed discovery process zeroes in on your core message from the Holy Spirit--we strongly believe we have a responsibility from God to align with this primary message, and ensure it is creatively brought forth from your heart in your voice. This deep collaboration with you ensures your full message from the Lord is identified and developed in the most creative, engaging way possible to affect the maximum number of lives for the Kingdom of our mighty God.

In this sense, an experienced Christian writer can help you in many ways you may not have considered. See our page on the Benefits of Hiring a Christian Ghostwriter for more details.

Uberwriters offers a wide variety of Christian writing, editing, and publishing services, some of which include:

  1. Christian Book Writing (ghostwriting)
  2. Christian Turnkey Publishing Design Services
  3. Converting Sermon Series to Books
  4. Christian Copyediting
  5. Christian Substantive Editing
  6. Christian Developmental Editing
  7. Christian Proofreading and more.

Please read each page of our writing services, and check back soon as we're growing, and adding more exciting services!

Uberwriters are the original Christian ghostwriting firm.

We've been in business and online since 2009!

What is a Christian Ghostwriter?

Eleven Benefits of Exclusively Christian Writing Services

  1. Kingdom Focused
    An exclusively Christian writer puts the kingdom of God first in all they do. We see our writing services as a gift to be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  2. Deep Scriptural Knowledge
    We have deep knowledge of scripture, and can make appropriate suggestions that would strengthen your book, blog or article. We can also guide you in cross-references, and potentially bring out richer and deeper truths in your message.
  3. Experts in the Christian Book Market
    We know the Christian market, and know how to guide you in genre, target audience, choosing a publisher, a bestseller path for promotion, and much more.
  4. We Quickly Grasp Advanced Spiritual Concepts
    The time you spend trying to explain your vision and deeper message to a secular writer will be time wasted. We get it right away.
  5. Bible Translation Expertise
    We know which Bible translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture. The Word is rich, and we can help bring out that richness.
  6. We Simplify Complex Spiritual Concepts
    It takes years of practice to explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them. We're highly skilled at this.
  7. We Can Write Academically / Theologically
    We can also write for a highly academic, theological audience. When necessary, we are well-versed in writing for a more theologically adept audience.
  8. Effective Christian Writing Methods
    We know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact, making scripture come alive with advanced writing techniques, and more.
  9. We Convert Sermon Series to Books
    We can convert your powerful sermon series into powerful books, making sure they are translated in the most moving way for the written page.
  10. We Know the Christian Market.
    We know which publishers and agents specialize in various genres, which Christian BISAC categories to target your book towards, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and how to build your Christian platform.
  11. You Know Who Is Writing Your Book
    Lastly, we operate with integrity and we are not a referral agency. This means, you know who your ghostwriter is, and your book is not farmed out to the lowest bidder (which almost certainly means they write secular material too.) This matters because you want a Godly writer who is focused on serving the Lord exclusively.

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