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You’ve written a Christian book, blog, article, or website content and you know it just needs something more—that “it” factor, or maybe some polish. You’ve come to the right place! Uberwriters are a premium Christian editing service, with decades of combined experience polishing manuscripts to meet publishing standards. We will review and edit your article, blog, and website content to be as rich, persuasive, and compelling as any Fortune 100 marketing company.

One of our three on-staff Christian editors will meticulously scrutinize your manuscript, then revise to be sure it is professionally and engagingly written. This means free of spelling errors, free of logic errors, grammatically sound, structurally sound, and ready to be published.

Why You Need a Christian Editor for Your Christian Book, Article, or Blog
You need a devoted believer in Jesus Christ, experienced in writing and editing exclusively Christian material because we bring a depth of scriptural insight, theological critique, and leadership from the Holy Spirit to assess your book. A secular or lukewarm Christian editor simply cannot bring this depth of spiritual insight to the table. Our Christian editors walk the walk, and study the Word in our free time, because we love the Word!

Since we’re an exclusively Christian service, everything we have worked on is Christian, so we have seen a lot, and we know what works and what doesn’t in the Christian market, in relation to style and approach. (We never compromise the message, although we may guide you to wisely and creatively pick your battles to win more souls.) Don’t settle for a secular editor. Uberwriters can bring a much deeper spiritual dimension to your writing, just through editing.

Personalized, Tailored Christian Editing Services
What’s more is we personalize our Christian editing services, tailoring them to your needs. Every manuscript, blog, article, and website is different. We understand these differences, and we review and revise with your intended audience and tone in mind, be it formal, casual, academic, professional, and more.

Christian Publishing Services
Uberwriters’ Christian editors also provide publishing assistance services, with a comprehensive suite of services to either help you find the right traditional trade publisher, or we offer a professional Turnkey Publishing Design Solution. After we edit your manuscript, we can design the most striking book cover you could dream of, design an interior print and eBook layout that is attractive yet easy to read, and set up all your metadata with a premiere self-publishing press. Your book can be available in a month or two, in many countries around the world.

You Can’t See What You Can’t See!
We all have blind spots, which is why you need a Christian book editing service. Drawing on our vast experience of many manuscripts, across many genres, and our deep knowledge of the Christian market, we will be able to point out, not only technical editing improvements, but also keep an eye out to strengthen your spiritual content, if necessary.

This comes in the form of cross-references, perhaps an extra scripture that illuminates your point from another angle, or maybe just an extra set of eyes to ask the doctrinal questions that could draw unnecessary criticism, once you have already been published.

We never candy-coat the gospel, but we always want to be above reproach. Uberwriters can catch any potential faux-pas with your manuscript, as we have done for many of our authors.

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Our Christian Book, Blog, Article, and Website Editing Services Include:

  • Proofreading which addresses spelling errors, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Substantive editing which addresses all of the above plus prose (word flow,) syntax, sentence structure, message clarity (review for ambiguity,) citations and according light research.
    • Substantive editing also reviews for “Christianese”—jargon that may be clichéd or confusing to the world, and it also reviews for libelous language.
    • Review of writing rhythm (varied sentence length,) and use of metaphors, allegories, and parables.
  • Developmental editing to address weak plot-lines, weak non-fiction logic structure, overall structure flow, message substance and congruence, and “reader engagement factor.”
  • Rewriting in a compelling, engaging style and tone for your intended audience, while emulating your voice.
  • Researching and writing original content, to complete what may be missing.
  • Constructively critical manuscript analysis.
  • Consulting on how to strengthen your manuscript, addressing all of the factors above.
  • A complete suite of publishing services, including how to get an unsolicited first-time author’s manuscript into the hands of a “Big 8” Christian publisher, and a turnkey self-publishing solution including Christian book cover design, interior book design, metadata completion, query letters, comprehensive book proposals, including detailed target market analysis and more.

Published Christian Authors Need Published Christian Editors
The best part of being Christian freelance book writers is having three on-staff Christian editors to review each other’s work. Every writer and author needs an editor, even if you’re highly published and successful. The Uberwriters difference is we know the Word, we know the market, and we know how to constructively communicate what could improve even a published author’s manuscript.

Our Clients are Walking Success Stories
We have helped propel our clients’ books, articles, plays, website content, and more to a level of publishing success they never thought possible. Our clients in a wide array of genres, including highly-published Christian authors, have experienced greater success after using Uberwriters Christian editing services. These include Christian books, online publications, websites, articles, promotional and marketing material, and more. Give us a shot, and you’ll quickly see the The Uberwriters difference!

Relationship-oriented, Professional Client Service
The Uberwriters guarantee is you will always be treated with respect and professionalism, while all work is completed with deep expertise and with all excellence. We deeply value relationships and maintain friendships with just about every one of our authors to this day. Our three Christian editors have decades of combined, successful business experience, so we understand and respect the business aspect of Christian writing and editing.

Stylesheet Adaptation
If you have no preferred manuscript style, we use the Chicago-Turabian stylesheet by default, which is the most popular and common for various forms of publication. We will, however, format for various style manuals including SBL, AP, MLA, APA, ASA, Harvard, and more.

Many publishers require a specific style-sheet for your submission, so Uberwriters can not only edit your manuscript, we can format it as required.

As mentioned before, we also format and typeset print and eBooks for self-publishing.

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"We Treat Each Client As Though They Are Our Only Client!"

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Eleven Benefits of Hiring an Exclusively Christian Ghostwriter

  1. Kingdom Focused
    An exclusively Christian ghostwriter puts the kingdom of God first in all they do. We see our writing as a gift to be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  2. Deep Scriptural Knowledge
    We have deep knowledge of scripture, and can make appropriate suggestions that would strengthen your book, blog or article. We can also guide you in cross-references, and potentially bring out richer and deeper truths in your message.
  3. Experts in the Christian Book Market
    We know the Christian market, and know how to guide you in genre, target audience, choosing a publisher, a bestseller path for promotion, and much more.
  4. We Quickly Grasp Advanced Spiritual Concepts
    The time you spend trying to explain your vision and deeper message to a secular writer will be time wasted. We get it right away.
  5. Bible Translation Expertise
    We know which Bible translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture. The Word is rich, and we can help bring out that richness.
  6. We Simplify Complex Spiritual Concepts
    It takes years of practice to explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them. We're highly skilled at this.
  7. We Can Write Academically / Theologically
    We can also write for a highly academic, theological audience. When necessary, we are well-versed in writing for a more theologically adept audience.
  8. Effective Christian Writing Methods
    We know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact, making scripture come alive with advanced writing techniques, and more.
  9. We Convert Sermon Series to Books
    We can convert your powerful sermon series into powerful books, making sure they are translated in the most moving way for the written page.
  10. We Know the Christian Market.
    We know which publishers and agents specialize in various genres, which Christian BISAC categories to target your book towards, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and how to build your Christian platform.
  11. You Know Who Is Writing Your Book
    Lastly, we operate with integrity and we are not a referral agency. This means, you know who your ghostwriter is, and your book is not farmed out to the lowest bidder (which almost certainly means they write secular material too.) This matters because you want a Godly writer who is focused on serving the Lord exclusively.

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