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Uberwriters are the original, Christian ghostwriting firm, founded in 2009. In the many years since, we’ve written numerous successful Christian books for clients, mastering the process, while continuing to add enhancements every day.

The following is our typical book writing process, although we can personalize this to a degree for each client.

The Christian Book-Writing Process

  1. Introductory Planning Session: After a general “meet and greet” call with your ghostwriter(s,) we work to clarify in detail, the objectives and scope of your book. This meeting is available as in-person**, telephone, or Skype interviews to do a deep discovery of you and your book idea
  2. Strategic Questionnaire: We email a list of specific questions regarding details such as your primary spiritual message, secondary spiritual message, themes, target audience, characters, and more.
  3. Source Material Review, Outline and Structure Review, and Preliminary Research: We read all available source material including outlines, drafts, notes, sermon transcripts, and reference articles to gain a solid understanding of the material as it relates to the Strategic Introductory Questions.
  4. Structure/Plot and Chapter Architecture: Highly focused, creative sequencing of an effective book outline based on the available source material, strategic questionnaire, and planning sessions with the author (in person**, via Skype, via telephone and with email questions.)
  5. Author’s Review of the Outline: The Author reviews and either edits, or signs off on the book outline.
  6. Source Material Development: If interviews and transcription are required, a list of questions will be developed by the ghostwriter, for the first chapter. A subsequent interview date and time will be scheduled, and will be conducted and recorded by the lead ghostwriter. The interview will then be processed for transcription, and the resulting transcript will form the source material, from which the first chapter will be written. The process is then repeated, and chapter interviews are “leap-frogged” as writing progresses.
  7. Manuscript Development: Uberwriters completes a chapter at a time, emulating the author’s voice, then sends a completed draft of each chapter. The Author reviews and tweaks, and returns the chapter to the ghostwriter. The ghostwriter makes notes of revisions and adjustments, and saves the edited chapter for the rounds of revisions. This gives the author time to make additional changes, if they desire.
  8. First Round of Revision: Once the first draft of all manuscript chapters are completed, the ghostwriting team will review and include the Author’s edits, checking and adjusting for grammar, spelling, flow and style, if necessary. The first round of revision is completed,
  9. Second Round of Revision: Once the first revision is completed by the ghostwriter, the manuscript is sent to the Author, who can review the revisions and make any additional adjustments necessary. The ghostwriter then checks the Author’s second round of edits, adjusting for grammar, spelling, flow and style, if necessary. It is worth noting that Uberwriters is not “religious” or ultra-strict about only two rounds of edits, within reason. As part of our process, we work from the beginning of the project to ensure we are nailing the client’s expectations, so we naturally will do whatever we can to ensure complete client satisfaction.
  10. Final Review: Your ghostwriter will schedule a call to verify all expectations have been met.
  11. Additional Proofing: * If the Author is self-publishing or hybrid-publishing, it is recommended a third-party proofer is employed to conduct a “cold read” of the entire manuscript, proofing it for submission to a publisher.
  12. Publisher’s proposal and Christian literary agent search: * Detailed, compelling professional publisher’s proposal, including a market analysis
  13. Expert Turnkey Publishing Design Services: * We offer a comprehensive Turnkey Publishing Design service that will stand with any Big 8 Trade Publisher, if the author chooses that route. This turnkey solution includes stunning cover design, beautiful interior layout design, ISBN purchasing and set up, set up of all metadata for printing and pricing for international online and brick and mortar stores with the largest printer/distributor in the USA, and one of the largest globally.

*Available as an additional service
**Available at the author’s expense

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