The Benefits of Hiring a Christian Writer

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What will an exclusively Christian ghostwriter bring to the table, that a secular ghostwriter cannot?

I’m not sure the term “ghostwriter” most accurately describes what we do, because we consider ourselves writing collaborators more than anything else. Regardless, an experienced Christian writer can help you in many ways you may not have considered.

God has given His Church various gifts, talents and callings. For some, that does not include writing and for some it does. We are meant to help each other, strengthening one another with our individual talents. Where I may not be good at repairing cars, you might be. Where you may not be strong in writing, I am. I need my car maintained, and you need a Christian freelance writer. God made us that way to promote unity.

First I want to list the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter, then I’ll list the specific benefits of hiring a Christian ghostwriter.

Did you know, even the great prophet Jeremiah had a ghostwriter? It’s true.
His name was Baruch, and in those days they called them scribes.

Nine Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter

  1. The Creative Burden and Pressure Is Instantly Removed
    We are experts, and will guide you toward the best possible book you could write.
  2. Free Time and/or Faster Turnaround Time
    When you hire a ghostwriter, your time is freed up and you are able to spend time on what the Lord has called you to do. What we can do in an hour might take you ten. What you could do with your gift in an hour, would likely take us ten. In fact, a ghostwriter can usually save a busy person money.
  3. Higher Chance of Signing with a "Big 10" Publisher
    A good ghostwriter significantly raises the chances of your manuscript being accepted by a major publisher. Many of our clients’ books have been published with renowned publishers, and are doing very well in the Christian market.
  4. You Retain All Credit, Rights, and Royalties to the Work
    The message is yours; we’re just helping you write it in the most compelling way.
  5. Written in Your Voice
    Your book will be expertly, compellingly, and professionally written, but it will retain your voice. The ideas and core message are yours. We just write it so the reader is unable to put it down!
  6. Professional Project Plan
    A good ghostwriter works toward a detailed project plan, and will ensure your book contains all the necessary elements it needs. It also ensures the book will follow a consistent timeline to completion.
  7. Deep Writing Knowledge
    A good ghostwriter is an expert in things you may not know, and will make all the difference to your final manuscript. These are things like genres, specific audiences, publishing paths, etc. A ghostwriter will consider all these things, and write your book accordingly.
  8. Valuable, Constructive Feedback
    A good ghostwriter has seen it all, and will provide objective and valuable feedback. A ghostwriter knows what to include and what to delete, not only to keep a reader’s attention, but also to present exactly what publishers are looking for. We will never compromise the Christian message, but how you present your message matters.
  9. Understands Marketing
    A good ghostwriter is skilled in marketing knowledge, and can give you deep insights into the marketability of your book.

Read the eleven benefits of hiring a CHRISTIAN ghostwriter below ↓↓

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Eleven Benefits of Hiring an Exclusively Christian Ghostwriter

  1. Kingdom Focused
    An exclusively Christian ghostwriter puts the kingdom of God first in all they do. We see our writing as a gift to be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  2. Deep Scriptural Knowledge
    We have deep knowledge of scripture, and can make appropriate suggestions that would strengthen your book. We can also guide you in cross-references, and potentially bring out richer and deeper truths in your message.
  3. Experts in the Christian Book Market
    We know the Christian market, and know how to guide you in genre, target audience, choosing a publisher, a bestseller path for promotion,  and much more.
  4. We Quickly Grasp Advanced Spiritual Concepts
    The time you spend trying to explain your vision and deeper message to a secular writer will be time wasted. We get it right away.
  5. Bible Translation Expertise
    We know which Bible translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture. The Word is rich, and we can help bring out that richness.
  6. We Simplify Complex Spiritual Concepts
    It takes years of practice to explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them. We're highly skilled at this.
  7. We Can Write Academically / Theologically
    We can also write for a highly academic, theological audience. When necessary, we are well-versed in writing for a more theologically adept audience.
  8. Effective Christian Writing Methods
    We know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact, making scripture come alive with advanced writing techniques, and more.
  9. We Convert Sermon Series to Books
    We can convert your powerful sermon series into powerful books, making sure they are translated in the most moving way for the written page.
  10. We Know the Christian Market.
    We know which publishers and agents specialize in various genres, which Christian BISAC categories to target your book towards, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and how to build your Christian platform.
  11. You Know Who Is Writing Your Book
    Lastly, we operate with integrity and we are not a referral agency. This means, you know who your ghostwriter is, and your book is not farmed out to the lowest bidder (which almost certainly means they write secular material too.) This matters because you want a Godly writer who is focused on serving the Lord exclusively.

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