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Are we really the top Christian ghostwriters & editors for hire?

Do you have a testimony, teaching, or story from the Lord, but your book has been on the “to do” list for years?

Maybe you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or just don’t have the time or skill to write the book God has given you?

Uberwriters are veteran, exclusively Christian writers and editors with high publishing success.

Our calling is to expertly write Christian books, website content, blogs, articles, and much more, in all the excellence that honors God.

We can also help you build your online presence with a specific social media and publishing strategy, to ensure you have a strong following when your book launches!

With our decades of combined writing experience, we’ll work with you to perfect your idea. We structure your book so it starts with a BANG, then develops a gripping middle, while delivering powerful "take-aways" in a simple, and easy-to-grasp style. We then ensure your book concludes with a huge payoff for the reader, so people will be talking about it for years!


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Our clients include:

  • A Christian financial radio host with a daily listener base of tens-of-thousands
  • The CEO of one of the world’s largest Christian missions agencies
  • A celebrated Christian comedian and pro-life speaker
  • A widely published women’s ministry author
  • A Fortune 200 executive with an enthralling life story for Christ
  • A leading investment analyst who lost it all, found Christ, and made it all back plus much more
  • A prominent Messianic Rabbi with insights so profound they changed our lives forever
  • Renowned Christian pastors whose sermons and messages were developed into riveting, compelling books
  • A man who has walked barefoot since 2010 in solidarity with impoverished and trafficked children
  • Popular Christian teachers who needed their “it factor” translated to the page
  • A deep eschatology author who changed the way we look at the end times
  • An author with a riveting Christian fiction novel adapted from a Bible story to modern times
  • An author who struggled with a near-death experienced when a disgruntled, infamous mass-murderer served under his command
  • And many more… (too many to list here.)

Due to the confidentiality agreement we sign, we cannot disclose authors' identities (any true ghostwriter is under the same obligation,) however we can provide ghostwriting samples upon request, with your signature of a non-disclosure agreement.

(Contact us to receive these samples, then keep reading.)

Eleven Reasons We're the Top Christian Ghostwriters & Editors

  1. Kingdom Focused
    An exclusively Christian ghostwriter puts the kingdom of God first in all they do. We see our writing as a gift to be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God.
  2. Deep Scriptural Knowledge
    We have deep knowledge of scripture, and can make appropriate suggestions that would strengthen your book, blog or article. We can also guide you in cross-references, and potentially bring out richer and deeper truths in your message.
  3. Experts in the Christian Book Market
    We know the Christian market, and know how to guide you in genre, target audience, choosing a publisher, a bestseller path for promotion, and much more.
  4. We Quickly Grasp Advanced Spiritual Concepts
    The time you spend trying to explain your vision and deeper message to a secular writer will be time wasted. We get it right away.
  5. Bible Translation Expertise
    We know which Bible translations would be the best fit for your particular scripture. The Word is rich, and we can help bring out that richness.
  6. We Simplify Complex Spiritual Concepts
    It takes years of practice to explain powerful scriptural concepts in a simple, down-to-Earth way so lay-readers can grasp them. We're highly skilled at this.
  7. We Can Write Academically / Theologically
    We can also write for a highly academic, theological audience. When necessary, we are well-versed in writing for a more theologically adept audience.
  8. Effective Christian Writing Methods
    We know methods best suited to Christian writing, such as parables (personal stories,) how to write testimonies (autobiographies) for the most powerful impact, making scripture come alive with advanced writing techniques, and more.
  9. We Convert Sermon Series to Books
    We can convert your powerful sermon series into powerful books, making sure they are translated in the most moving way for the written page.
  10. We Know the Christian Market.
    We know which publishers and agents specialize in various genres, which Christian BISAC categories to target your book towards, we know how to position you for the highest chance of landing a “Big 8” publisher, and how to build your Christian platform.
  11. You Know Who Is Writing Your Book
    Lastly, we operate with integrity and we are not a referral agency. This means, you know who your ghostwriter is, and your book is not farmed out to the lowest bidder (which almost certainly means they write secular material too.) This matters because you want a Godly writer who is focused on serving the Lord exclusively.

The Original Christian Ghostwriting Firm

Uberwriters is the original Christian ghostwriting firm, founded in 2009. In the many years since, we’ve been writing successful Christian books for clients and have mastered the process.

We are veterans in Christian writing, editing, self-publishing services, social media, and marketing. Contact us today to see how we can get your book written and published.

The original Christian writing firm

Exclusively Christian Ghostwriters & Editors for Hire

First, I want to emphasize that God has given His Body different gifts, and Uberwriters’ gift is writing Christian books, and ministry communications so powerful and gripping, it changes the reader’s life (and we don’t say that lightly.)

Most important, we are exclusively Christian ghostwriters. This means we pray and seek the Lord every day, we have a lifetime of Bible knowledge under our father’s ministry, and we pursue a deep, daily relationship with the Lord. It also means we only work on Christian material, so you don't have to worry about our focus.

This makes all the difference in the spiritual quality of your book!

Being exclusively Christian is one of the reasons we're top Christian writers, but I'll share the full list in a minute.

Now this does not mean we only write books that are overly preachy. Not at all; we understand that many books need to appeal to the unchurched, and lay-readers. We are very experienced in writing so complex spiritual topics are simple and understandable for all readers. Basically, if your book glorifies God, we'd love to write it.

If your book glorifies God, we'd love to write it.

What Sets Uberwriters Apart?

We believe our writing is a calling to serve the Church! We love studying new ways to reach and affect the modern Church and, of course, reach the unsaved with the Good News. Romans 8:14 says "Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God." We rely on Him for every project and that means we will be totally aligned with your vision. You will see the Holy Spirit's intended results for every project!

This creates a spiritual insight that goes far beyond some formula for your ministry's creative needs. We love what we do and see it as a gift from God. We’re highly motivated and when you succeed, we succeed!

Adding to our spiritual knowledge, we are also, of course, highly experienced writing professionals.

Advanced Writing Techniques
Our combined decades and decades of writing experience means we know exactly how to write your book for your target audience, in your voice. Not only is the reader’s take-away powerful and drives them to action, but we know how to structure your book expertly, using advanced techniques such as:

  • Hooks
  • Backstory
  • Flashbacks
  • Flash-forward
  • Cliff-hangers
  • Widows (unfinished idea, drawing the reader into the next chapter)
  • Metaphors
  • Foreshadowing
  • Personification
  • Powerful imagery
  • Symbolism and more.

Keep reading to understand how we are really Christian writing collaborators, instead of Christian "ghost" writers.

Ancillary writing services like social media, blog and article writing, and website design and content

We Offer ALL the Complementary Services to Send You to the Top!

When we get started working on your book, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to strategically position you for maximum publishing success by the time your book launches.

This includes powerful book website development, advanced social media platform building, blog and article writing and press-release kits, to name a few of our ancillary services. We even offer complete self-publishing services if you wish to keep more book royalties (this strategy is becoming increasingly popular.)

Contact us today to see how we can not only get your book written and published, but strategically position you for maximum publishing success!

Writing Collaborators

We understand that all members of the Church have different and unique gifts, yet ALL are called to some form of ministry (the parable of the talents.) If God has called you to write a book, you may still need some help with the technical aspects of writing a book.

This is why we consider ourselves Christian writing collaborators, rather than Christian “ghostwriters and editors for hire.”

In the same way, our calling is to help you write your message from the Lord, in all the excellence He requires. You wouldn’t try to design and build a house alone would you? Sure, you could get some software, design the layout, and plan it all out, but nobody would expect you to be responsible for everything being up to code, and knowing how to frame and drywall, right?

Why Choose Uberwriters to Write Your Christian Books?

You want the very best Christian ghostwriter to work on your book, and we believe Uberwriters are exactly that. The three brothers, Hilton, Grant and Brad, have a proven track-record of publishing success, and overjoyed clients. We know how to, not only guide you through every step of the book writing process, but we’re veterans in writing Christian books. As a Christian author, this is what you need.

World-class Christian Ghostwriting

At Uberwriters we operate in the utmost excellence of ministry. You will be treated with respect, and professionalism with the highest levels of customer service and expertise. Our writing quality speaks for itself, but our client service is what creates enduring relationships with our authors.

We also know the difference between positively controversial and what might bring reproach. Guiding our clients in the Christian market is one of our strengths.

"...our calling is to help you write your message from the Lord..."

Many authors overlook the critical aspect of hiring an exclusively Christian ghostwriter or editor but think about it… writing only Christian books means we will not work on something weird—like a horror script one day, then start working on your manuscript the next day. We are Christian writers, and we only work on Christian writing that edifies the reader, and furthers the kingdom of God.

Also, Uberwriters is not a referral agency—we have three Christian ghostwriters on staff, and this is who does the writing. That means we will never subcontract to the lowest bidder, (who may not even be a first-language English speaker,) then try to “polish” the manuscript on the fly.

At Uberwriters, either Brad, Grant or Hilton will do the writing. We work with all integrity, and we view our work as a ministry, to further the kingdom of God.

Christian Book Writers

We have decades of combined experience writing Christian books. We have written Christian fiction, powerful autobiographies (life testimonies,) Christian self-help (hot genre right now,) Teaching, Eschatology, Sermon Series to Books, and much more. Take a look at our Christian Book Writing services to see how we can help you write and publish your dream book.

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What Sets Uberwriters Apart?

We've been doing this a long time. This means we know the path to achieving bestseller status is very specific and strategic.

Fortunately, we can help you navigate it.

"...the path to achieving bestseller status is very specific and strategic."

Uberwriters are not just Christian ghostwriters; we offer many complementary services such as editing, blog and article writing, social media presence, book website design, and Search Engine Optimization services, which are very important for our platform building services.

In addition we our services include sermon series to books, and Christian self-publishing services including book cover design, interior book layout, and complete set up for print & distribution and online sales.

We can even help you find the right agent, or publisher, and get into the right book stores!

All of our services synthesize into one, powerful result: your bestseller, and a vast ministry platform to reach the world!


These are a few benefits of hiring us as your exclusively Christian writer:

  • We remove the creative burden with our proven writing expertise.
  • Do a market analysis to ensure your book targets the optimal audience.
  • Write in your voice, using your typical language, yet in a highly engaging style.
  • Use a sophisticated method.
  • Use advanced literary techniques like cliffhangers, widows, red herrings, etc.
    • Our goal is to keep your reader awake and flipping pages, when they should have been asleep hours before.
  • Provide the highest chance of being picked by a major publisher.
    • Many of our client's manuscripts have not only been published, but are moving some serious volume!
  • Our spiritual sensitivity will intuitively grasp the essence of your message, so we can develop and interpret the little nuances that make all the difference in Christian writing.
    • You won't have to spend hours explaining to a secular writer, the spiritual truths behind your core message.

What are you waiting for? Call or email today!

If you need a Christian ghostwriter, editor, script writer (screenwriter,) blog and article writer, or proofreader, Uberwriters will wow you! We are a team of three brothers, devoted to the Lord, writing in all Christian genres including Christian novels, Christian autobiographies / memoirs / testimonies, Christian Children’s books, Christian fiction, Christian historical fiction, Christian self-help (through Christ’s help,) Christian screenplay writing (script writing,) theology and eschatology writing, Christian motivational writing, Christian business writing, Christian finance writing, Christian sport writing (this is a growing market,) and much more!